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Providing Ground Penetrating & Structural Radar Surveys

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Private Utility Locating Services Using Ground Penetrating Radar & Electromagnetic Induction

Environmental Surveys to Clear Soil Borings & Perform UST Investigations

Bedrock Mapping & Geophysical Surveys

Graveyard Mapping

Although the technology is not new, advances in software and data processing have enabled this service to emerge as the most accurate underground and structural locating system available today.  Its use is growing daily and the exploration of new applications seems unlimited.  For many years utilities have been installed underground and their maintenance, repair, and upgrade are the source of considerable risk of injury to workers or loss of essential services to the public.  The highways and bridges of this country are in constant need of repair or replacement.  The GPR Survey accurately locates voids beneath roadways and determines thicknesses in pavement courses and sub-strata.  The ability to map the location of re-enforcement bars, post tensioning cables, or electrical conduits embedded in concrete before drilling, or core boring, is a major move towards safe and accident free construction.  Other applications include law enforcement, domestic surveys, and scientific research.



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