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UST Investigation & Utility Loacation Surveys

UST Investigation


State of the art equipment facilitates fast location and expedite quick and safe removal of abandoned/unwanted UST


Line Scan Images from GPR showing both the short view and long view of tank mapped out in previous image.

Utility Location Survey

Utility Detection:  Problem and Solution

In today's construction environment, technology changes so fast that you never know what surprises are waiting for you on the job site.

That's where the CorBuilt Utility Scan comes in.  Sure, that RF Locator is great, and you swear by it, but when it comes to complex utility layouts or non-traceable utilities, you need something more.

Are you putting too much faith in those 25 year-old as-built maps?  How comfortable are you marking out a trench when you are not 100% sure that you've located everything?

Just a quick Utility Scan survey and you can have that total confidence that comes with knowing your job site "inside and out."


Using GPR to investigate roadway for underground utilities, ie: gas lines, sewer lines, water lines, electric lines, storm drains, etc.



Ground Penetrating and Structural Radar Surveys