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Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a utility location method that utilizes pulses of energy to scan below ground level.

Parts of a GPR device include: [Geophysical]

  • Control unit – initiates the energy pulses needed for a scan
  • Power supply – source that produces the energy pulses that are sent into the ground
  • Antenna – transmits energy pulses into the ground

How does it work?

GPR transmits small energy pulses from above the ground which are then reflected back to the device. (Reflected signals signify a material that possesses different conductive properties from those contained in the GPR device). The strength and return time for these reflected pulses are measured to determine the material, depth, and size of the object detected.

CorBuilt performs Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigations for a number of applications in the construction, environmental, and geophysical arenas. Whether you’re looking to safely locate sub-surface utilities, remove those old Underground Storage Tanks, map out bedrock for design purposes, or map out disturbed or undisturbed soils, CorBuilt can do it.



Ground penetrating radar services screen
Ground Penetrating Radar Services Result
Ground Penetrating Radar Xray Of Ground Utilities
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