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Point Cloud Data Collection & Scan to BIM Services

CorBuilt LLC now provides 3D LiDAR Scanning Services with Point Cloud Data Collection Services & Scan to BIM Services.  Whether you’re looking for raw Point Cloud Data via 3D LiDAR Scanning or full-scale BIM Services via Revit, CorBuilt LLC is your one source.  CorBuilt LLC provides fast data collection with quick turn-around times of your project deliverables.

Benefits of Scan to BIM / BIM Services:

1. Improve collaboration and communication between all parties involved in the project.

2. Improve cost estimation for projects

3. Ability to visualize the project in the preconstruction stages

4. Improve coordination and clash detection between the trades and subcontractors.  Reduce wasted time and money by detecting any rework needed prior to construction

5. Reduce Risks and costs associated with projects.  A better understanding of the overall project leads to reduced waste of unused materials and labor spent on miscommunications

6. Improve project scheduling.  Eliminate delays in schedule by mitigating clashes between trades and subcontractors.

7. Increase project productivity with the ability to prefabricate multiple aspects of the project with confidence

8. Improve worker safety with the ability to see and mitigate potential jobsite hazards

9. Have the confidence in a better overall project with greater collaboration and understanding of all parties involved in the project

10. Drastically improve facility / building management after the project and facilitate and future renovations / upgrades 

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