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Video Pipe Inspections

What is video inspection?

Through the use of CCTV, space below the ground is able to be observed visually. Through this method, specific areas that may be an issue can be located and fixed. These areas might not otherwise be clearly observable.

Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is to see the problem. Sure, that sewer line may not be functioning properly, but where is the problem? Is the entire pipe compromised, or is the problem isolated? CorBuilt can determine the issue using CCTV and accurately pin point the problem areas by locating the camera head with the EMI via the built-in transmitter. By locating the specific problem areas, that would dramatically cut down the time and money that would have spent excavating the entire line versus a local problem area.

Video Pipe Inspection Services Equipment
Image of blocked pipe through use of video pipe inspection
Image of blocked pipe through video inspection
Image of blocked pipe through video inspection
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